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"Harvesting" Your Results

Fall means time for harvesting and reaping the rewards. In our last blog, we spoke on “what gains have you made?” While many entrepreneurs and owners had to quickly adjust due to COVID-19, they still planted seeds throughout the shutdown and capitalized on COVID-19 relief resources. For some their seeds are still growing, but for those that are able to “harvest”, what do you see when you look at your results? How do you feel? Have you taken time to enjoy your progress?

It is a common stereotype that entrepreneurs are always moving and working but it is just as important to stand back and observe your progress along with achievements. As the year begins to move towards its end, it’s beneficial to see this progress to help you continue to push, move, and grow into a positive direction for the end of the year and into the next. This past year has been a rollercoaster, in terms of happenings, so a lot may have changed, both good and bad for your business. How has this year affected you, thus far? What did you learn from it? How were you able to adapt and grow? These are all great questions to see when evaluating your progress.

We will leave you with this: Autumn is the time of year when things begin to wind down toward its end and also the time you are able to “harvest” and evaluate the growth of the months prior. Your business is the same. Use the time to do some analysis of your own, reflect on your achievements, and move forward for the future, into the next year, allowing you to grow so much more.


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