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What Gains Have You Made?

We are now in the eighth month of the year, August, where summer is slowly winding down toward the final portion of our year. This year has been very different so far, since the shift in our society due to COVID-19, where we have had to transition our lives, businesses, and social interactions in a multitude of ways. This change has caused a lot of quick, needed action and reexamination of the way we interact with others, bringing many new and innovative ways to go about engagement.

That brings us to our August Blog topic: How have you capitalized in the wake of COVID-19? Have you done any research in ways you can help expand your idea or business? Have you found any services to help you? There are so many resources out there to help you. Social media and the internet have become even bigger tools for everyone, with a lot more remote work and interactions taking place, giving you access to so many potential tools, locally, nationally, and even globally. Our community itself has a lot of resources available that you are able to take advantage of to help you bring what you're working on to the next level. Even here at 100K Ideas, we have some services ourselves that we have started to implement to our community to help spark interests, expand knowledge, and work to grow ideas.

Listed below are some resources that we have to offer, that could be beneficial for you to take advantage of, as you continue to grow, learn, and succeed:

  • Next Step Bundles: Here at 100K, we are offering our “next step” services as bundles for any clients who go through our process! With the ability to choose up to 5, you are able to pay a monthly fee, for as little or as long as needed, to get work such as logo design, prototyping, concept sketches, wireframes, and many more! Reach out to us if you’re interested in this service and would like to learn more.

  • Monthly Workshops: Also, here at 100K, we are offering FREE, virtual monthly presentations on a multitude of topics! Each month we offer two days for you to sign up and join in on, giving you the ability to enhance your knowledge on different topics within entrepreneurship, innovation, and business. Make sure to check out the events page on our website to see what workshops are coming up!

  • Pitch For $K: We also co-host the Pitch For $K competitions! In segments of threes, we are now on our second round of pitch competitions where you are able to sign up to have the potential to pitch your idea to a panel of judges and win up to $5,000! This is on our events pages as well, so check that out to sign up or learn more.


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