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Virtual Summer Fellowship: Engagement

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! Here at 100K, summer is in full effect and we have officially come to the conclusion of our 2020 Virtual Summer Fellowship, an opportunity for college students across the country to immerse themselves into innovation, entrepreneurship, and the Flint community. During the 100K Ideas’ 2020 Virtual Summer Fellowship, the fellows spent a portion of their time thinking of the Whaley’s Children Center. As a part of the fellowship, Community Engagement is a priority that is held just as strongly as the 100K Ideas’ mission. Most importantly, Youth Engagement is a large part of promoting a healthy, pragmatic and inclusive environment.

With this in mind, the fellows coordinated and mailed much needed items for The Whaley’s Children Center, a resource and safe space for children in need, here in Flint. To aid in providing activities for the youth, the fellows created an activity booklet. The fellows worked together virtually to develop a booklet that is both fun and educational. The Whaley's Youth Activity Booklet explores entrepreneurial ideations and innovative thinking with everyday items such as kitchen utensils.

To conclude the booklet, the fellows included information on Coronavirus induced Anxiety. The material covers what anxiety is, how to manage it and how to create an action plan moving forward. The booklet contains a substantial amount of tools and resources meant to educate and inspire both youth and adults. Whaley's Youth Activity Booklet is a source of knowledge and creativity that can be enjoyed for hours on end.

The Whaley’s Children Center is a phenomenal organization that empowers youth and families to overcome trauma. They do so by being a source of hope, care, and treatment to Michigan’s abused, neglected and at-risk children and families. 100K Ideas’ and the Summer Fellows value all the work The Whaley’s Children Center provides for the community.. The fellows at 100K Ideas' are humbled and appreciative of the opportunity to contribute to the center in such a monumental style.

Click here to view The Whaley’s Youth Activity Booklet, yourself!


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