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Social Media: Stay Engaged

As a business, engagement with your clients, consumers, and/or your audience is a huge part of marketing. Interaction with those around you is a key tactic in building your business and brand, making connections that can be very vital for your overall awareness. We live in a day of age where social media and online presence is massive, giving you endless connections to businesses all over the world. Why not use this to help expand your brand?

Anyone utilizing social media for brand growth can use it to engage in follower/client interaction, building meaningful connections with consumers. This ultimately helps solidify their trust in you, your brand, as well as your content. It makes the followers feel like they matter, they're heard, and that you care, therefore, continuing their support for your brand. This also helps you gauge where to guide your content as well as your followers’ opinions. It helps see the consumers’ wants/needs and what they will buy into or be interested in. Especially during this time, communication through alternative and digital forms are our main source of connecting with others. The prevention of the majority face to face contact, that we can be very used to, is not happening, so utilizing this shift can really help you to stay relevant and continue to make connections. There are so many ways to go about utilizing socials for this reason, and we will give you an example of what we have recently done to stay engaged:

Here at 100K Ideas, we are always considerate of our clients when using our social platforms to engage with our community. We know the importance of these platforms and do our best to utilize our voice to better support the needs of those around us. We have recently integrated “Instagram Takeovers” into our content to further help with this engagement. This gives opportunities to our staff, board members, and clients, both present and past, an opportunity to share about themselves, their lives, businesses, and inspirations. Not only is this a great way that we are able to continue with our connections, but also helps to build the businesses and brands of the individuals we are featuring. This provides an amazing experience that allows growth for so many other small businesses that deserve more recognition. Finding ways to integrate communication styles and engagement like this also bring a “fun” and “inspirational” element to your platform as well, sparking followers that continue to view, share, and engage with your page. With this inspiration, our hope is to help spark others to ignite their ideas into something of the next level and hope these takeovers can show what moves they can make. Engagement like this brings so many elements to play, allowing for the growth of many.

Social media is a huge tool for any business. Giving you access to communities globally, it has so much power and potential to help change your ideas into something bigger. Use it to find ways to spread your word, make more connections, and expand your following, all while staying engaged to your current supporters.


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