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Embracing Change

Spring has sprung! Here at 100K Ideas, I know many of us are super excited for this shift in seasons. The transition into spring brings longer days, sunnier weather, and lots of colors back into our bare, dull landscape. Along with this, it brings the urge for many to change, pull themselves together, or spruce up their lives. Many of us resort to decluttering and lightening the loads’ winter has brought, with what we call “spring cleaning”. But spring also brings a lot of new life, from the budding of trees and the growth of flowers. This desire to change can also be an opportunity to not only remove the messiness but also bring in something fresh and new for you.

A fresh start can bring fresh ideas to the mind. Especially with many of us spending a lot of time by ourselves at the moment, there is a lot of opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and the ability of the mind to think creatively. Whether it is conjuring up something new, or bringing back a past thought that was pushed off to the side, this can be a great time to jumpstart an idea, no matter what it is. The possibilities are endless, and with much more time on our hands, take the opportunity to grab the negativity being spread, and transform it into a positive. Here at 100K, this is something we always believe in. If an idea does strike you, talk to us about your idea and schedule a free intake session with two of our project managers.


On a slightly separate note, we know a lot of people are facing many challenges with the current situation at hand. This current period of time is difficult to navigate for everyone in both a personal and business sense. Here at 100K Ideas, we have always taken pride in our ability to aid, assist, and promote small businesses across our community. We find great joy in bringing ideas to life and giving individuals the ability to use this passion to create something for themselves. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have seen many businesses become affected and with the policies in place, many have had to take a pause in regular operations. We have always found ways to connect those around us with the resources they need and have continued to do so in this current circumstance.

On our website, under the COVID-19 tab, we have compiled a list of multiple resources available to small businesses to help them during this time. These resources range from multiple types of funding to reliable databases. If you or anyone you know has the potential to benefit from any of the services that are listed, share the page and utilize these sources to the best of your ability. Though this may be a very confusing, scary and uncertain time, there are many resources available to help small businesses.

Overall: Take action. Start fresh. Grow. Move forward. Utilize this change. Remember to take time for self-care and to push yourself forward in the best way possible!


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