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What Comes Next?

Everything begins with an idea. Where to take the idea and what next steps to complete can be a difficult decision for individuals to make. Entrepreneurs and innovators create ideas every day; while these ideas can be simple, the road to success can be rugged.

Starting an idea and transforming it into a business always requires input. However, for some individuals the need for capital quickly becomes a budding entrepreneur’s biggest perceived barrier. What most don’t realize is there are next steps you can take that don’t require a large initial investment.

Supporting the growth of your business can take many forms and can require little to no money at all. Simply building relationships with customers and the community is a personal touch to gain traction and create a network. Meeting new customers and retaining your customer base is the main focus for anyone who wants to grow. A new connection can spark the same spirited passion you have for your business. An existing customer has already decided to invest in your product or service and can give you valuable information on how to improve.

One of 100K Ideas’ Project Managers, Kayla Laird, owns and operates Lord Lairds, a premium lemonade line with several delicious flavors to choose from. Kayla is dedicated to the success of Lord Lairds, even through the challenges she has faced and has advice for those seeking to start their own business. “As easy as it looks to run a business or develop a product in the food industry, there are several aspects and layers to it. In order for consumers to trust your product, you need to follow certain regulations provided by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) and completing a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan (HACCP). The HACCP plans systematically by identifying threats for possible contamination points and institutes a procedure to improve food safety within a production process,” says Kayla.

Initially, these requirements may seem overwhelming and time consuming, but every business in the food industry needs to fulfil these mandatory requirements for consumers to trust it’s outcome. The best way to overcome these obstacles is to find an effective way to end with a successful product. Kayla also strongly advises utilizing your resources by creating mentors and supporters who can help guide you through lengthy processes. In addition to supporters, financing through sponsors and crowdfunding can relieve some of the burden for the entrepreneur. Another aspect is volunteering and hands on experience that enriches yourself in a business pertaining to the same field. For example, Kayla got the opportunity to get exposure to a commercial kitchen. With the skills she gained, she boasts an understanding regarding quality control and customer service. Lord Lairds is a prime example of how small next steps can help a business blossom.

Most aspiring innovators or budding entrepreneurs need assistance to move their ideas forward. To do that, 100K Ideas is here to offer valuable insight on what steps should be taken. Some of the questions that arise while thinking about next steps are “Where do I sell my product?”; “How do I get a patent on my product?”; or “How do I market my product effectively?” 100K Ideas can help answer these questions and offer services, such as building hobotypes, prototypes, concept sketching, logo creation, and more, to help move your idea forward. We can help you take a step closer to a successful business or brand.

Everyone has an idea....what’s yours?


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