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Working at 100K Ideas

As part of 100K Ideas’ unique structure, our operating staff is primarily made up of student professionals who are current college students from all fields of study. Our staffing practices are built around the mission of helping to develop the future workforce by employing students as our project managers, engineers, marketing specialists, and designers. This mission allows college students the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment, where interaction with different disciplines is necessary to complete projects. Our experience at 100K Ideas helps to supplement what is being learned in the classroom, by applying those lessons in a real-world setting.

Recently, I graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint alongside three of my 100K Ideas coworkers, Radhika Agarwal, Rebecca Bade and Sonu Mori, who all find themselves in similar situations. At 100K Ideas, we received invaluable experience to make us more confident in our skills as we enter our adult careers. There is a growing trend in companies where entry-level workers are receiving less training, leading young adults to have to search elsewhere to develop essential skills. Fortunately for us, we were able to work in an organization that challenged us as young professionals. The fast-paced and versatile environment of 100K Ideas forces us students to quickly develop strong work-ethic and discipline in order to serve our clients.

Rebecca shares the impact of 100K Ideas on her and her future career after college. “Working at 100K expanded my views at what I am capable of achieving and allowed me to realize other possible job opportunities.” Rebecca has been a Project Manager at 100K Ideas since September of 2018 and graduated with a BBA in Supply Chain Management in April. As for her next steps, Rebecca states, “I plan to look into jobs where I can help other people, as well as, have a positive working environment.”

One important skill I have gained as a Project Manager at 100K Ideas, among the many, is the ability to think analytically. Part of my role as Project Manager is trying to find useful information online and applying it to real world things. The ability to think critically about information that is presented to me and deciding whether it is meaningful is a vital piece of my career development.

Radhika has been a Project Manager at 100K Ideas since September of 2018. She graduated from with a BA in Economics in April and plans to attend graduate school in the Fall to earn her Master's Degree in Finance and Risk Management. As an international student from India, Radhika reflects on her experience attending college in America. “Going to college in a different country changed my perspective about academic knowledge and how it is necessary to apply it in the real world scenario.” She continues, “I polished on my leadership and cross-cultural communication skills. 100K gave me the opportunity to test my knowledge, where I was working with a team of students from every background.” Like me, Radhika believed that working in this environment was beneficial for figuring out her next steps.

As a marketing student, I struggled to find positions that were useful to my career path. The professional staff at 100K Ideas ensured that I received the essential marketing experience putting my career aspirations first. Similar to myself, Sonu studied marketing at UM-Flint and works as a Marketing Specialist at 100K Ideas. “As a Marketing Specialist, I had several opportunities to broaden my skills beyond my role. To work with students from different fields of business and engineering was a learning experience.” She goes on the explain the different elements of marketing that she was exposed to while working at 100K Ideas. “I got to learn aspects of website designing, social media marketing and creating content for 100K. It has been really rewarding to be able to experience and apply the classroom coursework into a real life business environment.”

As graduation approaches students are left confused about what is to come post-college, feeling unprepared for the future. For the short time I have worked at 100K Ideas, I was able to develop my professional skills as well as discover what my true career passions are. 100K Ideas is not only valuable to entrepreneurs and innovators, but is also worthwhile for the students who work here.


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