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Dream Crazier - It's our Time

Women are consistently challenged in all realms by traditional mindsets. The recent Nike ad, “Dream Crazier,” encompasses the values and ideals of entrepreneurship while incorporating the challenges that women face on a daily basis. The ad is narrated by and features, 23-time tennis grand slam winner, Serena Williams. Serena highlights the accomplishments of women Olympians; gymnast Simone Biles, snowboarder Chloe Kim and fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad as well as the U.S national soccer team.

The ad celebrates the accomplishments of women in sports who were once considered “crazy,” like a woman running a marathon decades ago, competing in the Olympics in hijab, boxing or even coaching an NBA team.

“So if they want to call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do”

The emotional message Nike is illustrating in their ad is not limited to women athletes. The themes portrayed in the ad are similar to that of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur and 100K Ideas’ Executive Director, Heidi McAra, went against the traditional career path by starting her own business at a time when “mansplaining,” was not a topic of discussion.

When starting her small business in 2007, Heidi did extensive work with men in the business. The sexism experienced may be discouraging to some, but for Heidi this was just something that had to be dealt with. “This was considered, at that time, just the price of doing business.” Heidi believed she could do anything which is clear through her success of practicing law, starting multiple businesses, and leading 100K Ideas.

“If we wanna play against men, we’re nuts. And if we dream of equal opportunity, delusional.”

Heidi found that in addition to being passionate about entrepreneurship, she was especially committed to supporting female founders. It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, it often takes a village of support for women to launch a business. Many female entrepreneurs are balancing work and family. Just as Serena reminds us, career goals need not be forfeited because a woman plays more than one role.

In her leadership position at 100K Ideas, Heidi inspires her female and male workforce to go beyond the limits set by society. At 100K, Heidi is given the opportunity to support and empower women by providing them the necessary tools to turn their ideas into businesses. As Serena is a role model for women worldwide, Heidi McAra aspires to represent the same tenacity for workforce at 100k Ideas and women in her community.

“It’s only crazy until you do it”

How she empowers women through her leadership position at 100k ideas. Mentoring female work staff. Removing barriers for women.

“If we show emotion we’re called dramatic”

“If we wanna play against men, we’re nuts” ?

“And if we dream of equal opportunity, delusional”

“When we stand for something, we’re unhinged”

“When we’re too good, theres something wrong with us”

“And if we get too angry, were hysterical, irrational, or just being crazy”

“But a women running a marathon was crazy”

“A woman boxing was crazy”

“A woman dunking, crazy”

“Coaching an NBA team, crazy”

“A woman competing in a hijab, changing a sport, landing a **double cork something in snowboarding** or winning 23 grand slams, having a baby, and then coming back for more.. Crazy… crazy.. Crazy.. Crazy”

“So if they want to call you crazy, fine… show them what crazy can do”

“It’s only crazy until you do it”


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