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100K Ideas is excited to partner with Genesee County High Schools to offer a unique, real-world experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside 100K’s student professionals and leadership team to think outside of the box and bring ideas to life.


Why should I participate in the 100K Ideas High School Experience?

100K’s High School Experience is an amazing opportunity for high school students to gain

real-world work experience in a variety of different disciplines. During the year-long program, students will be exposed to 100K’s design, marketing, engineering, and project management teams. This allows students to exercise their own talents, known and unknown, while also helping clients through the 100K process and discovering new career-paths that they might have never been considered.


How will this impact my school work and extracurricular schedule?

The staff at 100K appreciates that many students work and/or are involved in sports, band, or other extracurricular activities. Those outside commitments will be communicated to 100K ahead of time so that all can be planned accordingly.

Who is eligible to apply? How do I apply?

The High School Experience will be open to current 2021 juniors. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact Vivian Williams (Vivian@100Kideas.org).