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MISSION: Housed in Flint, Michigan, we are a non-profit with a mission to relieve the innovator of the entrepreneurial burden. We know entrepreneurship can be difficult, and that's why we're here to help. As a community of student professionals, lead by a dynamic leadership team, we vet entrepreneurial ideas to provide a helping hand in business development to anyone regardless of their prior experience or background.

HISTORY:  Entrepreneur and business leader, Phil Hagerman, had a vision to create an innovation center in the former Ferris Furs building in downtown Flint. Inventor and entrepreneur, David Ollila, had created a platform to help innovators turn their ideas into businesses in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When the two were introduced in 2016, 100K Ideas was born. Taking  the anchor spot in the newly renovated Ferris Wheel, 100K Ideas is changing how the world thinks about opportunity. In just a short time the program has served hundreds of innovators and entrepreneurs and has garnered national interest for the unique, potentially world-changing platform.  

VISION:  100K Ideas is a community of hobbyists, thinkers, and inventors with a mission to help passionate innovators create products/services and startups of their own through mentorship. Whether you need advice on strengthening your idea, the capacity to build it, or the support to bring it to market, we will be your guide. We work with garage inventors and startup owners to figure out what their next steps should be.


Watch our founder David Ollila's BIF 2018 Summit video and learn about the 100K Ideas philosophy

There are 100,000 people in Flint. If we could get one idea from every person in Flint, we could change the world.

What's YOUR idea?


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